The Hottest Rental Neighborhoods in San Diego Right Now – Part One

Perhaps one of the best things about San Diego, other than its incredible warm weather and beautiful beaches, is the fact that it’s a multi-faceted city, whose neighborhoods have many different characteristics.  Bouncing back from the Great Recession, San Diego has seen a flurry of construction and the transformation of neighborhoods recently, which has helped create the new hottest rental neighborhoods. In part one of our series “The Hottest Neighborhoods in San Diego,” we’ll discuss two areas you may not have visited recently. Here’s where we’re feeling the heat right now:

South County – Western Chula Vista

Western Chula Vista’s 3rd Avenue corridor is still under the radar….shhhh.  But the area is being eyed by developers, entrepreneurs, and new residents as one of the region’s future hot-spots.

The City of Chula Vista has done an incredible job improving the walkability and attractiveness of Third Avenue.  New landscaped medians help calm traffic, new, wider sidewalks are ideal for outdoor café’s, and attractive brick pavers have created a whole new walkable vibe to the area.  

Think Hwy 101 through downtown Encinitas, but before the current crop of new restaurants and retail options made Encinitas what it is today.  The same “bones” of walkability and attractive neighborhood-scale development are already in place along 3rd Avenue in Chula Vista, particularly from E Street through H Street.  

The area is close to downtown San Diego, and current rents and home prices make the area one of the best-kept secrets in San Diego County.

North County – Downtown Vista

If you consider yourself a craft beer enthusiast, and haven’t visited Downtown Vista recently, you should re-evaluate whether you are truly dedicated to the craft.

The historic downtown is located at the intersection of Vista Village Drive and South Santa Fe Avenue, just a minute north of the 78 freeway.

Belching Beaver’s new brewery/pub/restaurant is packing people into its huge indoor and outdoor facility.  Other new establishments include Flying Pig Pub, URBN Pizza, Mother Earth Brew Company, Lush Lounge and Coffee, Fifty Barrel Winery, and others.  Longtime Vista residents know that Pepper Tree Frosty is the go-to spot for burgers and ice cream, and that standby’s such as Curbside Café, Vista Village Pub, and Village Café are every bit as good as the latest newcomers.

The residential market in Vista is also benefiting from the redevelopment of downtown.  Many new apartments are being built and planned for the area.  All of this leads to an interesting urban development question: does the growth of breweries spark additional economic benefits for neighborhoods?  At MV Properties, we think it does.

Keeping Up with the Trends

Is one of your rental properties in these hot areas? As a property owner, it’s always important to understand changes and fluctuations in the rental market and how that can affect your bottom line. The bad news is that it’s a lot of work to keep up with all the happenings in San Diego County. But, the good news is that there is someone who can do it for you. The professionals at MV Properties are experts in all of San Diego’s rental neighborhoods and can help you manage your property today.

About Keegan

Keegan McNamara is the founder of MV Properties, a leading San Diego property management company. The company’s goal is to cultivate long-lasting relationships with property owners and tenants, and to provide best-in-class service. Keegan holds a Masters in Business Administration from the Rady School of Management at UC San Diego and is a Principal at McNamara Ventures, a real estate development and investment company focused on residential and mixed-use properties.

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